Tea has a reputation for being more than just a tasty drink. Let’s discuss it!

Presented by Camillia Sinensis

Tea has been reputed to have healing properties since the day it was discovered. What’s real? What’s nonsense? We discuss the science and mythology around tea.

This presentation will part of the Sunday afternoon High Tea special event. Click HERE for details and tickets to the Exposition High Tea.

Camillia Sinensis (AKA Erika Jarden) has been serving tea to the Steampunk community for 10 years. Somehow, despite all the challenges in setting up a tea in various locations (under the sea, on the moon, at a garden party, in a haunted courthouse) she manages to provide refreshment for all who come through the door.

Erika Jarden has been obsessed with tea since her first cuppa with her greatgran, many many years ago. Not content with just consuming it, she’s studied the history and botany of tea for most of her life.


Chicago Steampunk Exposition