Steam & Sorcery ~ LARP Game

The Steam & Sorcery Live Action Role Play (LARP) game mystery is an immersive weekend long, hotel wide event that places you as the central character in your story. During Opening Ceremonies (4/12/24 – 7PM on the main stage) “The Shadow of Nosferatu” mystery will be revealed . . . but who will step forward to solve it? A series of clues spread around the convention space, and interactions with a cast of characters, will lead you deeper and deeper into the investigation of Nosferatu’s plot against the Exposition . . .

The “Shadow of Nosferatu” Plot

The 1893 Exposition premiered many new advancements in technology, and that year the world’s innovators were engaged in a race to harness electricity to provide power for humanity.  In the lead were Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison, with Tesla’s alternating current (A/C) concept going up against Edison’s direct current (D/C) system in what is known as the “Battle of the Currents;” a battle that came to a head in Chicago when Tesla was chosen over Edison.

Some speculate that Edison made an alliance with Count Graf Orlock to exact revenge upon Tesla. Others argue that it was the invention of the light bulb that drew the attention of the vampire councils. Whatever the reason, July 1893 secretly witnessed a dark cloud of Victorian Gothic horrors, Penny Dreadfuls come to life, and the looming presence of the Dark Prince fall upon the “White City.”

Tesla quickly realized that it would take more than just his alternating current electricity to protect the Exposition from Nosferatu’s army of darkness; Tesla needed an army of his own. Working hurriedly with Ferris, Professor Truelove, and Ada Lovelace, they managed to open a time and space portal to the year 2024, seeking the help of the most imaginative minds and creative souls who would beckon the call. Many social rebels and analog dreamers, so called “Steampunks,” responded to the plea and came to Tesla’s aid . . . but they were not the only ones to pass through the portal.

April 2024, will you align yourself with Tesla’s fight to protect the Exposition from this nightmare? Or will you join Edison’s alliance of darkness and be one of the creatures that lurk in the shadow of Nosferatu?

The mystery will take all three days to solve, but for those at the Exposition for only one day there are “chapter endings” on Friday and Saturday evening, and clever sleuths only there for Sunday might be able to cram three days of investigation into one day. Whichever investigator is the first to crack the case and submit the correct answers on Sunday will be invited to the stage at Closing Ceremonies to reveal the truth . . . and win weekend badges to the 2025 Chicago Steampunk Exposition!

  • First Place – Four Weekend Badges ($300 value)
  • Second Place – Two Weekend Badges ($150 value)
  • Third Place – One Weekend Badge ($75 value)

The mystery starts at 8PM on Friday, April 12th, 2024, at which time a key password begins your investigation . . .

“Steam & Sorcery” – Second Edition Players’ Guide

Click on the book cover below to access the game instructions:

Chicago Steampunk Exposition