Steam & Sorcery

Steam & Sorcery

A countdown within a countdown has also begun! The long awaited Steam & Sorcery Live Action Role Play (LARP) game is set to release its rule book on New Year’s Day 2023, giving players three and a half months to familiarize themselves with the rules that will bring a level of immersive storytelling yet to be seen at any Steampunk convention.

The game operates on multiple levels. The first level is for Basic Player Characters (BPC) who will enjoy searching for clues and puzzles to solve some of the weekend’s mysteries. The next level will be the Advanced Player Characters (APC) who write themselves into the actual narrative fabric of the weekend’s storyline. APCs develop a character with simple game statistics (details in January’s publication of the rule book) and register the character with the Steam & Sorcery Arbiters (the referees of the game) to enter the deeper levels of the narrative. APCs will choose skills to help them through their investigation and have the ability to register equipment and weapons in the game.

The equipment and weapons system of the game allows registered players the opportunity to purchase Equipment Licenses that actually make their physical props official items in the game’s narrative. There is a financial system built into the game, APCs earn currency, and this is used to purchase in-game items. Be warned, however, you may want to keep some currency in reserve for medical purposes; if you get “wounded” and loose too many Stamina Points (SP), you will need to pay for medical attention to regain health.

Some situations may result in an “injury” that will cost players Health Points, and if players engage in Combat then wounds are inevitable. All physical combat is resolved in the Underground Arena (see map below in Venue section) under the supervision of the Convention Foam Fighting (CFF) group who are running boffer and foam combat over the weekend. Only RPCs who have taken the CFF Basic Training workshop to become certified can challenge other certified players to combat.


It’s a Kinda Magic . . .

The world of Steam & Sorcery also incorporates magic and spells into the game, but we shall have more about that in a future update.

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