In celebration of our final countdown to the inaugural Chicago Steampunk Exposition, we are having a weekly drawing until the end of August, for all who have pre-registered for the convention. Click HERE for full details of the Pre-Reg Drawing.

This week we have TWO prizes from Mountain Bird Wand Shop to give away to TWO winners! The winners will get the How to Make a Butterfly Blush: Spells and Such spell book from Mountain Bird Wand Shop, AND pick out one of their magic wands!

All pre-reg tickets purchased for the Exposition by August 11th, 2019 will be entered into the drawing to win the spell books and wands from Mountain Bird Wand Shop. We will announce the winners on Monday, August 12th, 2019, and also announce the next prize in our Countdown Drawing!

Congratulations to . . .

. . . Zachery Schaefer of Skokie, Illinois, winner of the BiteSizeBot Pin from BitesizeBots&Co.