Pre-Reg Drawing

Pre-Reg Drawing


In celebration of the final stretch countdown to the opening of the inaugural Chicago Steampunk Exposition, we are having a weekly drawing between now and the end of August, for all who have pre-registered for the convention.

The Exposition has partnered with the following vendors to bring you a vast collection of prizes!

D. Lieber ~ Gaming Goat ~ Casting Whimsy ~ Raven Designs
Hook & Jill ~ EvilToad Studios ~ As They Sew in France
Bitesize Bots & Co ~ Mountain Bird Wand Shop ~ Sweet Steam
The Armored Lady ~ Dana Fraedrich, Steampunk Fantasy Author

The first of our prizes will be listed on Monday, June 10th, 2019, and then each Monday we will declare the winner and announce the next prize. If you win a prize, your name is taken from the list to be fair and allow greater opportunity for another person to win a prize.

Your chances of winning increase depending upon the type and number of tickets that you have:

  • Gold Ticket = 8 Drawing Entries
  • Bronze Ticket = 4 Drawing Entries
  • Weekend Ticket = 3 Drawing Entries
  • One Day Ticket = 1 Drawing Entry
  • Burnham Banquet = 1 Drawing Entry
  • Saturday Tea = 1 Drawing Entry
  • British Banquet = 1 Drawing Entry
  • Sunday Tea = 1 Drawing Entry

Winners will be emailed and contact will be made with the vendor who donated the prize to make arrangements for prize collection at the Exposition this September.