Violet Rays & Good Vibrations: Sex and Medicine in the Age of Tesla (18+)

A discussion of the development and uses of the vibrator and violet wand in the late 1800’s.

Presented by Alexei Bashkirov

Join the only-slightly-mad scientist Alexei Bashkirov as he discusses how the intersection of Victorian attitudes and knowledge of sex, the field of medicine, and Tesla’s cutting-edge electrical technology of the early 20th century helped produce two devices that are still in use today – one lesser known (the violet wand) and one more widely used (the vibrator).

Please note that attendees must be 18+ to attend this presentation.

Alexei Bashkirov (Ray Sopko) is an artist, maker, and presenter. He has over thirty years experience with prop and model making (he likes to pretend it hasn’t been that long), and is passionate about sharing what he’s learned with others. He and his wife Sterling Rose are also the owners and artists behind Dark Rain Design, which repurposes old kid’s toys into animated steampunk creations.


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