An introduction to the Steampunk community’s very own scouting movement, the Tea Scouts, brought to you by Northern Illinois Troop 3.14, the Hummingbirds.

Presented by Sandra Fenton

Come learn about Tea Scouts, talk about its origins, find out if there’s a troop near you, learn some songs, and how to be a force for good in the Steamiverse. Random acts of kindness encouraged. Tea related merriment shall ensue.

Sandra Fenton is a historian and cemeterian from Northern Illinois. Long interested in the folklore and traditions surrounding rites of passage and the macabre, she helps maintain a small cemetery and preserve the eroding names of the dead before they weather away. She takes her tea without cream or lemon, and enjoys long picnics among the headstones on warm, cloud dappled days.


Chicago Steampunk Exposition