Reading — an excerpt from the book series, Steam Geared by Robinette Waterson.

Presented by Robinette Waterson

An excerpt from the book series, “Steam Geared” by Robinette Waterson, read by the author.

“Steam Geared: Victorian Steampunk Erotica” is a new series of books combining history, alternate history of the steampunk kind, and amorous action. These works have been compared to Fanny Hill, Moll Flanders, and Tom Jones, and the writing shows a playful facility with words reminiscent of P.G. Wodehouse, H. H. Munro, or Oscar Wilde.

The reading will be selected from the upcoming book in the series, “Steam Geared: Hotel Belladonna”. More of Miss Waterson’s works may be found at

Please note that you must be over 18-years-old to attend this presentation. 

Robinette Waterson began writing stories shortly after she learned to read. Given her predilection for literature and history, especially of the Victorian era, it is not surprising that she ventured into the alternative historical style of steampunk. From there, it was just a short detour, down a quaint and dark alleyway, before she found herself writing Victorian steampunk erotica.


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