Introduction to Splendid Teapot Racing: History and Overview

Presented by Prof. Asp Zelazny, Roadmaster

Part the First – This class will introduce the neophyte to the Core Content of STR, including the Roots, the Rules, the Routes, and Rooting for your favoured Racer.

Gary Sollars (AKA Asp Zelazny) has been caught in the tentacles of Steampunk for approximately 5 years, having been genre-entrapped through his daughter’s wedding. A budding raconteur of multiple enthusiasms, he is known to hold forth on Splendid Teapot Racing, Victorian Weirdness, Antique Medical Arcana, and other realms of science fiction and vague obscurities both on request, and with minimal prompting. He also meddles in various Steampunk artifacts as the mood seizes him. In a prior life, he was an emergency physician, which may explain some things.



Chicago Steampunk Exposition