Join the Crew of the SS Palaemon and venture beneath the Sargasso Sea!

Games Master – Branden Webb

Join Captain Victor Langwood, and the crew of the Submersible S.S. Palaemon, as they venture deep beneath the waves. Their mission, to search out the final resting place of HMS Melissande and her Captain, noted explorer Captain Fenton Harwick. What will you discover beneath the mysterious Sargasso? This games will use the Savage Worlds rules set, experience is not required.

This is a table top gaming event – please visit our Gaming Library in the Banks room on the Lower Level for more information and to sign up for scheduled games.

Branden Webb has run games at many conventions over the years including Origins and Steampunk Symposium. He is a creative writer and story teller with a long experience of sharing these skills with tables full of gamers. Now he’s bringing his enjoyment of RPGs and storytelling to the Chicago Steampunk Exposition.



Chicago Steampunk Exposition