Presented by Kelsey Josephson

Come listen to a steampunk fairy tale retelling from Forsaken Beauty and the Etherbeast: an unconventional beauty, a tormented beast, and the ether that binds their fate.

After her own father sells her to the Ringmaster, strongwoman Belle thinks she’ll spend the rest of her days performing stunts until she succumbs to her ether-poisoning, a deadly condition that has disfigured her appearance and given her unnatural strength. A chance encounter with a beast by her solitary campfire changes everything.

With fractured memories of the horrific experiments done to his transformed body, Beast’s only desire is to flee his creator. When he stumbles across Belle, he longs to find his humanity as his attraction to the strange but kind woman grows.

When Beast’s nighttime visits lead to his capture, Belle hatches a daring escape plan to free them both, but freedom is fragile. With both the Ringmaster and Beast’s creator pursuing them, will Belle and Beast ever have a chance of a new life?

Kelsey Josephson is a sci-fi fantasy author and member of SFWA and ALLi from the Midwest. She has a deep love for Universal Monster movies, all things related to Nikola Tesla, and iced coffee.

Her work includes Strange Happenings, a gaslamp fantasy series set in an alternate timeline, and Forsaken Beauty and the Etherbeast, which was an Ongoing Serial Finalist in the Laterpress 2022 Genre Fiction Contest.

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