Become Pirates in the skies in this original RPG adventure!

Games Master – Matt McMillin

This role playing game will take adventurers into the sky in a new world created by Matthew McMillin. Come and play as pirates raiding the sky lanes of the Sphere, a steampunk world that is set entirely above the clouds. Will the daring swashbucklers find fame and fortune or end up as captives of the Law of the Skies the Air Defense Patrol? Maximum 8 players please though spectators and those with questions are welcome.

This is a table top gaming event – please visit our Gaming Library in the Banks room on the Lower Level for more information and to sign up for scheduled games.

Matthew McMillin, a game master of two decades and counting, play tested D&D 3rd Ed, Pathfinder 2nd Ed, several World of Darkness games, and ran games for fun and competition all over the Midwest at local game stores and GenCon itself. This is Matt’s first foray into creating and running his own system from the lore up and welcomes players of all experiences and backgrounds to join in this beta test of a world. While Matt likes a good combat, he’s more interested in good role playing that’s welcoming and comfortable for all.


Chicago Steampunk Exposition