Imagine that “The War of the Worlds” was only the beginning of the Martian plan to end the Age of Steam.

Presented by Thom Truelove

The famous H. G. Wells novel can be viewed as an incomplete tale. This presentation blends aspects of astronomy and demographics to reveal what could have been the full extent of the Martian strategy. If intelligences greater than our own drew their plans against us, the book can’t be a complete account. What else might have happened?

Thom Truelove is an author and graphic artist whose inspirations range from ancient mythology to current science fiction. In storytelling – as well as in the presentation of carefully curated artifacts for adoption – his approach is quite esoteric. He invites you to share an unusual view of history that might been and/or futures that may be is every panel he presents. Thom, who is also known as DJ Zophiel, has been a presenter at Dragon Con, New York Comic Con, and many more events geographically between. At each event the panels on which he has participated have tended to become conversations with the audience. He invites you to join in.


Chicago Steampunk Exposition