Defend your honor and demonstrate your martial prowess with dueling pistols!

Presented by Captain Quaestor & Lady Arachne

Defeat your adversaries and win prizes, fame, fortune, and bragging rights!

Free admission to the contest, everyone is welcome to participate!

Captain QuaestorCaptain Quaestor is a retro-futuristic scholar, an adventurer, and captain of the aethership Crimson Hammer. He is also an administrator of the Chicagoland Steampunk Society, and active member of the steampunk community in general. Hailing from the island of Puerto Rico, Captain Quaestor is dedicated to the advancement of steampunk, creativity and imagination.

Lady ArachneLady Arachne is a mistress of adventure and mystery, and deadlier than a black widow spider! Lady Arachne travels the skies as first officer of the aethership Crimson Hammer while keeping an eye for new spiders to add to her collection.



Chicago Steampunk Exposition