“Are we not Men?”

Moebius Theatre presents a staged audio theatre adaptation of H.G. Wells’s The Island of Dr. Moreau, the ultimate steampunk epic!

Performed by Moebius Theatre

Moebius Theatre is proud to bring to The Chicago Steampunk Exposition its ground-breaking adaptation of one of the true classics of 19th century speculative fiction. The Island of Dr. Moreau, H.G. Wells’s self described “exercise in youthful blasphemy” is an ideal creative bed for audio theatre. Nine performers portray the characters and work various machines to create the story’s soundscape. A variety of environments, from ship to wilderness to laboratory and beyond, are vividly constructed and razed as scenes shift and action builds to its terrifying climax.

As Chicago’s oldest science fiction theatre company, Moebius Theatre has been performing locally, regionally, and internationally for more than four decades. Although best known for its sketch comedy, the company experiments with a variety of theatrical formats and genres – including staged audio theatre.

The troupe has performed full-length productions at numerous World Science Fiction Conventions, including The Island of Dr. Moreau at Chicon 7, The Martian Chronicles at Chicon 2000, and an original work, E. Michael Blake’s Reply from Extraterrestrial Intelligence at Torcon 3. Most recently, Moebius performed a staged audio adaption of another 19th century classic, A Christmas Carol, at various Chicago-area venues to raise money for local food pantries.


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