Experience the nearly frozen-in-time steamships from the presenter’s firsthand visits.

Presented by Franco Milani

Isle Royale National Park has some of the best-preserved shipwrecks in the world. Attendees will learn much about the ships, including their design, service, late 19th century aesthetics, their demise and what remains still exist. There will be a brief introduction to cold water SCUBA diving and the uncommon hazards of the Great Lakes exploration. Experience these nearly frozen-in-time vessels from the presenter’s firsthand visits, and find out how a triple expansion stream engine was the preferred power source of the era.

Franco Milani has for over 35 years been a living history enthusiast. Recently, he has embraced steampunk and loves the artistic diversity it offers. Professionally, he holds a PhD in food chemistry and is a nationally known dairy researcher.



Chicago Steampunk Exposition