Let’s explore the rise and fall of empires around their own industrial revolutions.

Presented by Andre M. Mahdi

With each iteration of new technology countries, nations, and even kingdoms rise and fall at the whim of the inventions and inventors. We are going to discuss the change of nations across the world as they experienced their own industrial revolution. Most people of think of the Americas and Europe as the heads of change. Let’s see what the rest of the world was up to. With a taste from the Pacific, Africa, South America, China, and Japan for good measure we will try and get a good view.

Andre Mahdi is currently a docent at the Museum of Science and Industry of Chicago, helping to shape young minds. He has a drive for research, fact based discussion, and has attempted to be unbiased. All of which are surprising hard to maintain. Andre has presented on the likes of the history of steampunk, Nikola Tesla, and even run games for John Wick Presents at GenCon. He enjoys telling tales enough and is an avid game master, who takes adventurers into the depths of their own imagination.


Chicago Steampunk Exposition