Presented by Professor Lena Foltz-Pendarvis

Learn how Chicago won the Columbian Exposition and why it was so important to the city.

Beating out Washington, St. Louis, and its fiercest rival New York City, Chicago won the right to host the Columbian Exposition of 1893. This event not only showcased the best and brightest America had to offer, it served as Chicago’s entry to the world stage. Professor Lena Foltz-Pendarvis explains the background on the battle to host the Fair as well as the pressure to make the White City a shining beacon for the world.

Professor Lena Foltz-Pendarvis is an independent lecturer on a variety of historical topics, ranging from ancient to recent and, shockingly, to events that have not yet happened. Equally at home on a dig site, in a lecture hall or on the deck of an airship, Foltz-Pendarvis travels the world in search of new discoveries and knowledge. She delves into her extensive trove of interesting facts to enlighten and entertain audiences from London to Sydney and from Tokyo to New York. Just don’t ask her to spend time with statues–she’s got some weird phobia of them.

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