Presented by Thom Truelove

You are invited to an examination of the fae as seen by Shakespeare’s contemporaries.

Drawing from lesser-known histories such as the Folklore Society and Robert Kirk’s “The Secret Commonwealth”, author and artist Thom Truelove describes what was once known as fairy science and explains how wealthy gentlemen came to view themselves as authorities on what began as peasant belief. In addition – a definitive answer on whether fay, fey, or fae is correct will be provided.

Thom Truelove is an avid researcher of esoterica, folklore, and mythology. He’s been a Freemason for 28 years, and an author of horror and related topics for about a decade. He’s the business partner of and collaborator with Leanna Renee Hieber and a lead designer for Red Duke Games. When not engaged by obscure texts and/or conversation he is also a graphic designer and DJ.

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