Distopia Argentia – An Amazing Steampunk Web Series from South America

Distopia Argentia; enjoy the retrofuturist independent science fiction web series that takes place in a dystopic Latin America.

Presented by Captain Quaestor

Directly from Argentina we bring you Distopia Argentia, a retrofuturistic web series that takes place in a dystopian Latin America! Enjoy the first two episodes and the making-of video of this brilliant Argentinian series that chronicles the adventures of the crew of the airship Argentia as they are called to active service to fight a great enemy that threatens the South American Empire.

Captain Quaestor is a retro-futuristic scholar, an adventurer, and captain of the Aethership Crimson Hammer. He is also an administrator of the Chicagoland Steampunk Society, and active member of the steampunk community in general. Hailing from the island of Puerto Rico, Captain Quaestor is dedicated to the advancement of steampunk, creativity and imagination.



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