Absinthe & Arsenic: An Evening with the Murderous Victorian Duo

Happy Hour with the Murderous Victorian Duo!

Presented by Madame Zenobia Boszorkány & Lady Lynn Marie

Join the Murderous Victorian Duo as they go through the elegant ritual of Absinthe drinking! Sit back and sip their offered concoctions and join them in an informal conversation about topics such as the fine art of poisoning, murder, their dear dead husbands, and other charming subjects.

This is a 21+ event; ID must be presented.

Madame Zenobia Boszorkány’s past is shrouded in mystery. Some say she’s part vampire (ludicrous!), or that she’s part Roma (she won’t comment to this), or a former French prostitute and not a Hungarian noblewoman at all (seriously, what’s with her accent?) but what’s certain is that all of her marriages have ended in tragedy (which explains her perpetual state of mourning) and she has an eerie knowledge of deadly herbal concoctions and human anatomy. Her hobbies include going into mediumistic trances at inopportune times, staring deeply into people’s eyes, collecting strange specimens in jars, weaving merkins for poor streetwalkers and helping harried housewives deal with their husbands (sometimes permanently).

Lady Lynn Marie is a time traveling enigma. She comes and goes at her own whim and she’s been on the run from the authorities on so many timelines that she herself has quite forgotten her own origin story. Sometimes she’s a New Yorker, sometimes a Brit. She can’t be bothered to remember. Another side effect of all her time-traveling capers is her constantly changing hair color and strange fashion choices. She met Madame Zenobia when she accidentally apparated in the middle of the latter’s parlour during a seance, causing quite a stir. They bonded over their stories of constant widowhood and their love of strong liquor over dainty teas. Lady Lynn is also Madame Zenobia’s best client.


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