Who really invented Absinthe and other crimes revealed . . .

Presented by Lady Kate Henriott Jauw & Baba Teddy

Lady Kate Henriott and Baba Teddy share their new book with you, Absinthe, Alewives & Alchemy (Harbor Publishing 2019), but they also will share a sample of ‘Extraite d’Absinthe’ the original elixir on which all absinthe is based. It’s creator ‘Mere Henriod’ was accused of witchcraft and the recipe was stolen from her to become Pernod’s weaker less witchy version. Kate Henriott is a descendant of the Swiss Witches named Melle Henriod and Mere Henriod and she has recreated that original medicinal extract to share here.

In Addition, Baba Teddy will mix up the original Sazerac Cocktail and share with us four stories of Witchcraft, VooDoo, and the Comet of 1812 in a tale of greed and deception that hid the original recipe from the world. Until now. Please Join us.

You must be 21 to sample the Absinthe and Cocktail. 

Lady Kate Henriott Jauw is the author of ‘Tea and Tasseomancy’, ‘Talking with the Dead’ and other books. She is the co-author of ‘Absinthe, Alewives and Alchemy’ the book upon which ‘HexenWeldt’ is based. Her own ‘Isis Divination’ board is the inspiration for the divination system of this new game. She will be your Game Mistress and Oracle as we delve in the worlds of Dice, Justitia, Isis, Asiette, The Delphic One and all the ancient Goddess Oracles.

Author, Lecturer, Ritualist and Storyteller Baba Teddy is the author of ‘Teslation’ and , along with his wife Lady Kate Henriott Jauw, are the co-creators of the newly released ‘Absinthe, Alewives and Alchemy’ and the Divination RPG (role playing game) ‘HexenWeldt’.


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