Presented by Professor Lena Foltz-Pendarvis & Magister Aloysius VonDiesel

The Titanic was not only a bridge between Europe and America but also between the old and the new. It was the most luxurious, opulent ship of its time while also boasting a number of engineering and mechanical advancements. Join Professor Lena Foltz-Pendarvis and Magister Aloysious VonDiesel as they delve into the dichotomy of tradition and technology related to the Titanic.

Professor Lena Foltz-Pendarvis is an independent lecturer on a variety of history topics – ancient, recent, and shockingly, events that have yet to happen. Equally at home on a dig site, in a lecture hall or on the deck of an airship, Foltz-Pendarvis travels the world in search of new discoveries and knowledge. She delves into her extensive trove of interesting facts to enlighten and entertain audiences from London to Sydney and from Tokyo to New York. Just don’t ask her to examine any statuary…..she has a strange aversion to them.

A student of many disciplines, Magister Aloysius VonDiesel has spent decades in the pursuit of knowledge in such diverse fields as engineering, entertainment, illumination, and even the new sport of horseless carriage racing! As a proud Bavarian, VonDiesel has not only distinguished himself in the pursuit of the perfect brew, but helped to inform and entertain Steampunk audiences across the multiverse. It’s even been rumored that he has assisted, on occasion, the seasonal delivery of gifts and trinkets to deserving children, although these rumors are completely unsubstantiated….

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