Presented by John F Wardale

Learn to braid har in a style one might see at Renaissance festivals. This workshop will give instruction on ropes, 4-strand “round” braids, classic (3-strand) French and (3-strand) Dutch (or inverted-French or underhand) as well as a Crown braid (technically a horizontal modified (3-strand) French braid) and other advanced ideas like 5 and 7-strand fingering techniques; as well as shapes like hearts, spirals and a pull-up-weave. The workshop will be tailored to the desires and abilities of the audience.


John Wardale has been attending SF CONs since 1993 and leading Braiding and Balloon panels since 1995. He is a retired computer professional, and was an organizer for E.L.V.I.S. (The Emergency Link to Vital Internet Services) [1994-1999] John has done these panels/workshops (typically solo) for Gathering/Artistic Events; General and/or Children’s Programming at several CONs over the years, including over a dozen such panels at NASFiC and World Cons.

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