Presented by Lucretia Strange, Baroness Strange

Impress friends and enemies alike! Display all of your fantastic technology props and marvel at the exhibits! Show off your jet packs, communicators, steampunk guns, robot arms, goggles, experiments, and any other weird science you’ve managed to dream up! Submissions accepted from X to Y, with general admission starting at Y. (X and Y being replaced with appropriate times).

Rules for the Promethean Society’s Fair of Mad Science

The Faire of Mad Science is an excuse for everyone to show off their props! If you‘re looking for ideas, common items include jet packs, guns, goggles, robotic arms, mechanical creatures, time travel devices, and communicators, but the Faire welcomes anything you can explain as scientific/pseudo-scientific/technological. Your creativity is the focus of the event! We do not accept purchased items, but modified purchased items are welcome! (For example, a repainted Nerf gun.) Professional prop makers are welcome to display their creations, but we ask that such items are not submitted for judging.

We will be taking submissions Friday evening in Mahogany 4 (next door to the main stage). If you absolutely cannot make it Friday evening, contact me and we’ll attempt to accommodate. All con attendees are welcome to visit the Faire Saturday 10am to 6pm and Sunday 10am to 2pm. Items can be collected from 3pm to 4pm Sunday. Winners of semi-arbitrary categories will be announced at Closing Ceremonies.

The display hall has a badge check at the door, will be locked overnight on Friday and Sunday; while these security considerations will be in place, we cannot guarantee the security of devices left unattended. We will set aside a time for people to demonstrate items that need demonstration or explanation on Sunday morning. All convention rules regarding unsafe devices are applicable for the science fair. In addition, common sense shall be applied. The Promethean Society reserves the right to refuse a submission we feel is unsafe. We’ve had to implement this rule for . . . reasons.

Questions can be directed to Cassie Beyer

Lucretia Strange heads the Promethean Society, a secret society dedicated to bettering the world (whether the world wants them to or not). The Society holds its Fairs of Mad Science in an attempt to identify the best, brightest, and most eccentric tinkerers and scientists.

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