Presented by Kay Gray & Crysta K Coburn 

So you want to start a podcast. Great! This panel will help dispel some of the myths, reassure you that it’s not as hard as it looks, and help you get started with tips, tricks, and equipment ideas from the trade. Come listen to Haunted Mitten Podcast’s hosts talk about their trials, tribulations, and successes in the world of podcasting. Learn what can work for you to have a happy, healthy podcast!

Kay Gray has been podcasting for five years, and is a short story pro. A So Cal ex-pat who calls the snowy depths of Michigan home, when she’s not writing fantastical stories, one can find her neck deep in research for her podcast, Haunted Mitten, which she co-hosts with her partner in paranormal, Crysta K Coburn. Otherwise, you can be sure that she is surrounded by needy pets while she reads yet another fantasy book.

To get the latest podcasts, head to To delve into the mind of Kay herself (reader beware), check out her social media @KGrayWrites. And find her last story, The Sharp Mechanical Sheep, in Fairy Tales Punk’d, at a local bookstore near you.


Crysta K. Coburn has been writing award-winning stories for most of her life. Her first short story was published at the age of sixteen after winning runner-up in a local writing contest. She earned her bachelor’s degree in creative writing from Western Michigan University in 2005. She is a journalist, fiction writer, poet, playwright, editor, podcast co-host, and occasional lyricist. She served as editor for “The Queen of Clocks and Other Steampunk Tales,” “Cogs, Crowns, and Carriages,” and “Gears, Ghouls, and Gauges” (the latter two with Phoebe Darqueling). She co-hosts the popular podcast Haunted Mitten as well as Cinema Guano. Find her online at as well as Bluesky, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter @CrystaKCoburn.

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