Presented by Danaus & Sidonne – Steampunk Lady Scientists

Limited to 15 people. Cost $25/student.

Join us to customize the newest addition to your Steampunk wardrobe, a street dueling parasol and holster! The honorable genteel sport of parasol dueling takes a slightly less demure path when it comes to street dueling. One must be quick on the draw to set the forms in time, but it should be done with style.

Participants will be provided with a 10? lace parasol and their choice of cloth holster. From that point they can choose from a bounty of findings to decorate them both as their creativity directs them. Before we finish up we’ll cover the basics of Western Territorial Parasol Dueling so that participants walk away with the skills needed to defend their honor in matters of steampunk.

Danaus and Sidonne delight in the advancement of knowledge as steampunk lady scientists. When they’re not busy adventuring in pursuit of scientific inquiry, they enjoy sharing their love of making with others in workshops and panels. They are also the creators of the Western Territorial Variant of Parasol Dueling. While they may get a little Rowdy and Howdy at times, they are always at the ready to act as Deputies to assist in settling matters of honor with their message of dueling for all.

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