Presented by E. S. Fein 

Sit back and listen to a reading from Mendel’s Ladder, by E. S. Fein. Mendel’s Ladder delivers an adrenaline-fueled journey set on a dystopian future Earth, brimming with high-stakes action, adventure, and mystery. This epic series opener plunges readers into a world filled with diverse cultures, heart-pounding battles, and characters who will captivate your heart and imagination.

Outlast. Outgrow. Outlive. In the ashes of Earth, evolution is the ultimate weapon.

In 2099, Earth is unrecognizable. Ravaged by climate change, nuclear devastation, and other cataclysmic events, the planet and its people continue to undergo radical changes in order to survive. Most of humanity has allowed themselves to be transformed into Nomads, bizarre human-plant hybrids who continue their lifecycle as flesh-bearing trees connected to a vast mycelial network that forms Earth’s burgeoning consciousness. Welcome to the thrilling, action-packed, and emotionally compelling world of Mendel’s Ladder, the first book in the epic sci-fi series, The Collected Histories of Neoevolution Earth.

E. S. Fein is the author of the Neoevolution Earth Series, two standalone novels (A Dream of Waking Life and Points of Origin), and two short story collections (Ascendescenscion and The Process is Love). More than anything, he enjoys writing strange stories about strange characters in strange situations. Some people refer to him as a lucid dreaming expert. Others know him as a rapper. But E. S. Fein just thinks of himself as a dude who likes to think about what it means to be a dude thinking about being a dude. When he isn’t hanging out with his partner and son, you can usually find him reading, playing DnD and video games with his friends, going for walks while writing stories in his head before putting them on paper, or practicing yoga. Check out some free short stories on his site,

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