Presented by Dr. Delenza Verity O’Connor (aka Cat Hays)

Just what were in those “miracle cures” from the Victorian era? What started the alcohol temperance movement? How did the Salvation Army come to be, and what was its role in substance use treatment and recovery?

Join Dr. Delzena Verity O’Connor on a journey to learn more about the evolution of the substance use, treatment, and recovery field in the U.S. between the 1700s to the early 20th century, and how it influenced today’s modern substance use recovery movement.

On another plane of existence, Dr. O’Connor moonlights as Cathleen Hays, CMA (AAMA), CRSS; serving as a Recovery Specialist with the McLean County Recovery-Oriented System of Care (ROSC). In their work in both the local and statewide recovery communities, Cathleen and the McLean County ROSC team collaborate with people with lived experience of substance and mental health recovery, along with volunteers from local community and statewide businesses, agencies, and organizations to develop and build a network of substance use and mental health recovery support services for McLean County’s and Illinois’ recovering citizens.

In her off-duty hours, Cathleen is an avid reader, an obscure history enthusiast, a crafter and artist, a LARPer (live action roleplayer), an active community volunteer, and an all-around nerd and geek.

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