Presented by Dana Fraedrich

World-building! Whether it’s in a homebrew D&D world, book writing, or otherwise, the process can be daunting. But did you know there are some major touch points from our own world that can help make the process so much easier? Do you know how to avoid the major pitfalls of world-building, such as appropriation, or just ending up with a very blah, samey-same world?

From food to governments and culture, geography to technology, this presentation combines a brief history of humanity with steampunk fantasy author, Dana Fraedrich’s own cheat sheet style to help you get jumpstarted on this world-sized challenge.

Dana Fraedrich is a dog lover, self-professed geek, and author of the steampunk fantasy series Broken Gears. Dana’s books are full of secrets and colorful characters that examine the many shades of grey that paint the world. When she isn’t busy writing or attending book shows and author conferences, she can be found playing video games and consuming obscene quantities of tea and biscuits. Even from a young age, she enjoyed writing down the stories that she imagined in her mind. Born and raised in Virginia, she earned her BFA from Roanoke College and is now carving out her own happily ever after in Nashville, TN with her husband. Dana is always writing; more books are on the way!

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