Presented by Steampunk Santa 

Santa’s Toy Box will be open in Room 1322 at Chicago Steampunk Exposition 2024!

  • Friday – 4PM to 10PM
  • Saturday – 10AM to 10PM
  • Sunday – 10AM to 4PM

Steampunk Santa will have a collection of games from his library in the Gaming Hall this year!  Various board and card games will be available for you to play and learn.  Spend a few minutes, or a few hours if you wish.  Thematic games, including Worlds Fair 1893 and Tesla vs. Edison: War of Currents, will be available, as well as other appropriate Steampunk fun!  Santa will be on hand to teach as well.

CLICK HERE to see Steampunk Santa’s full range of games available.

Santa’s Toy Box is a game library based in Toledo, Ohio, hosted by Santa Claus! Santa will bring selected titles to your event or convention for your guests to try out various games. Usually, games can be taught, although for larger events, teaching will be limited based on the number of simultaneous games. Santa can also bring appropriate games to your business for team building events!

Most titles in the collection are Euro-style games, although there are several classic American games available as well. The games are recommended for families to play together, especially with older children (12+). There are titles that the youngest (5+) can play, either on their own, or with supervision. Younger children (14 and under) should be supervised by an older family member.

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