Presented by Annie ‘Sirkles’ Drahos (Materials Fee – $14)

Try your hand at the only fan-made script ever to appear on screen as ‘Circular Gallifreyan’ in BBC’s Doctor Who! This panel will be presented by Anna ‘Sirkles’ Drahos. She has been involved in the script’s development since 2011, and has been the primary ‘scribe for hire’ for most of that time, only taking a break to get her degree in education. The first 10-15 minutes of the panel will be a presentation on the script’s origin, development, influence on the fandom, common misconceptions, and appearance on the show. The majority of the workshop will be a tutorial on how to read and write using the script. Participants will be provided with a specialized stencil, notebook, pencil and some other goodies that they will get to keep!

The artwork created by Annie ‘Sirkles’ Drahos may look like a bunch of abstract circles, but the designs are actually the words and letters of an intricate circular script. This script started in 2011 when her friend, Loren Sherman, released the first ever widely used fan-made variation ‘Circular Gallifreyan.’ Not long after, she was listed on Loren’s site as the recommended artist for custom designs. Since that time, she has remained active in the script’s development and growth. As the popularity of the script continued to grow, it eventually made its way on screens in BBC’s very popular show: Doctor who. This, naturally, resulted in a huge boost to Annie’s career as a full-time scribe. With thousands of hours, over a decade of experience, and several hundred designs under her belt, she comfortably boasts to be the “most experienced scribe of the only fan made script to have ever appeared on Doctor Who.”

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