Presented by Professor Lena Foltz-Pendarvis

The Bloodlust Butterfly, an exquisite broach by Tiffany & Co., disappeared from the 1893 World’s Fair while on display. History wrote it off as being the prize of an opportunistic thief in the right place at the right time during the Great Vampire Invasion, now lost to the annals of time.

Professor Lena Foltz-Pendarvis always thought otherwise. Now that she’s been flung into the past, she sets out to prove it wasn’t just a lucky score for some two-bit thief but actually a planned heist that used the Invasion as a brilliant cover. Where did it go? Who stole it? And why? That last answer might just be the most intriguing of all . . . 

Professor Lena Foltz-Pendarvis is an independent lecturer on a variety of history topics – ancient, recent, and shockingly, events that have yet to happen. Equally at home on a dig site, in a lecture hall or on the deck of an airship, Foltz-Pendarvis travels the world in search of new discoveries and knowledge. She delves into her extensive trove of interesting facts to enlighten and entertain audiences from London to Sydney and from Tokyo to New York. Just don’t ask her to examine any statuary…..she has a strange aversion to them.

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