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Join our Tiffin Party and cheer on the tea duellsts!

Tea dueling is a Steampunk hobby that is played whenever three or more steampunks gather in what is known as a “Tiffin Party”. It works best when the tea duelists are surrounded by a throng of excited onlookers eager to cheer on the victor and point out any instances of cheating to the wise and patient referee, known as the Tiffin Master.

Laura Hollister & Apothica Teas

Laura Hollister Proprietress and Occasionally Benevolent Overlord. Laura has lived in the community which she now serves for nearly her entire life. After fulfilling her dream of starting a shop of hot leaf juice and various commestibles, the tea drinkers in her town appeared out of the woodwork and turned the whole place into a state of proper omnishambles; as such, the business quickly grew as Apothica fulfilled in many the need for both community and tea.

Apothica Teas is a Victorian Steampunk-inspired tea room that specialises in custom tea blends and a lovely variety of light refreshments. Located on Main Street in Niles, Michigan, Apothica is a place to practice deliberate stillness and civilised mindfulness in a busy world. Offering products and works from local artisans and artists, Apothica Teas takes pride in serving the community we call home.

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