Presented by Miya Kressin 

The author will be reading her explicit faerie story “Make America Glittery Again.”

Faerie Anti-Exposure Police officers Aster and Calluna are hot on the glittery trail of the demon Telipogon who has been masquerading as a doctor to mess with politics and ruin human lives. Can the ladies of FAP clean up his sparkling essence and trap him once again, or will they fall prey to the lure of the glitter’s magical urges?

This is an explicit faerie tale.

Miya Kressin (she/her) has a Bachelor’s Degree in Religious Studies and has been writing about the fae (among other things) for the last twelve years. After her first novel on changelings turned into months of in-depth research, the fae refused to let go of the author’s heart, and it has become her passion to research as more stories connected threads in a shared tapestry. Mostly, however, she’s a dreamer who never abandoned the faeries she was told stories of in her childhood and hopes to keep those sparks kindled in future generations.

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