Presented by Danielle Lutz & Shannon McWilliams
Workshop fee for materials – $25  i
f you are participating, but free to observe.

Join us to create your OWN one-of-a-kind Curiosity Cabinet In-A-Jar!

A predecessor to the modern museum, the Cabinet of Curiosity dates back to the 16th century. Often housing a collection of objects including natural history, geology, historical relics, and antiques, they have a rich history across a spectrum of humble collectors and prominent socialites. In this workshop, we will be crafting our OWN miniature version inside a glass jar! Limit: one jar per person, and all materials will be provided. Fee: $25 per person (per jar).

Danielle Lutz is the owner and crafter extraordinaire behind Earthly Leather Design. Over the years she’s developed a passion for creating and collecting oddities and curiosities. She travels all over the country bringing her art and her talent from Oddities Expos to Renaissance Faires and everything in between!

Shannon McWilliams, the owner and one-woman-show behind Unclaimed Treasures, has enjoyed artistic endeavors with bones since she was a teen. Her love of crafting and collecting has grown over the years and now expands to all manner of oddities and curiosities.

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