Presented by Captain Grey Wulfe

Steampunk roleplaying adventure with the exciting new RPXpress system.

2-6 Players

A group of the most insidious villains plan a dastardly attack to disrupt all of Europe. An alliance of the greatest Victorian heroes attempts to thwart their plans! Characters provided, roleplaying emphasized. Rules taught.

Learn to play the easy to learn fast play rules with no math, just fun.

Click here for a FREE copy of RPXpress Basic!A gateway to adventure!

Grey Wulfe is a game designer for Aetherflyer Games. He has run adventures at cons like GenCon, Gamehole Con, and Gamicon. He has presented in-person and online for both Aetherflyer Games and Chaosium. He looks forward to providing a fun adventure while teaching the easy to learn and play RPXpress system.

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