Presented by Miya Kressin 

From faerie tales to paranormal romance, an author looks at faerie archetypes in folklore and modern day storytelling.

Faeries have enchanted the minds of mortals for time beyond measure, popping in and out of folklore and mythology in many areas of the world. Common archetypes between them have created rippling patterns of stories that evoke the magic and mystery of these otherworldly beings that carry over into magic, including divination. As these archetypes are reinforced through modern day storytelling, are we remembering our shared folklore, or are we creating new pathways to Faerie?

Miya Kressin (she/her) has a Bachelor’s Degree in Religious Studies and has been writing about the fae (among other things) for the last twelve years. After her first novel on changelings turned into months of in-depth research, the fae refused to let go of the author’s heart, and it has become her passion to research as more stories connected threads in a shared tapestry. Mostly, however, she’s a dreamer who never abandoned the faeries she was told stories of in her childhood and hopes to keep those sparks kindled in future generations.

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