Hosted by Mari Rice, Chicago Green Theater Alliance, & Creative Chicago Refuse Exchange.

Not sure what to wear to a steampunk convention? Tired of items in your wardrobe? Are there items that longer fit items in your wardrobe thanks to the pandemic? Then bring them to share with your fellow steampunk community for our first ever FREE clothing & accessories exchange!

Feel free to bring head wear, clothing, shoes, jewelry & accessories. Size of items will range from child to adult. There will be 4x.

Costumes remaining after the convention will be donated to the Chicago Green Theater Alliance or to the Creative Chicago Reuse Exchange (CCRX).

We will have the following items available:

  • Clothing racks
  • Table(s)
  • Hangers (leave hangers if you take items)
  • Changing tent (this is if you want to quickly try things on. You may also go try things on in the restroom and bring back what doesn’t work)

What we request of you:

  • Items are washed and clean
  • Items should be ready to wear off the rack
  • Items are new or gently used
  • Do NOT just dump off, we will turn things away
  • Ready for being displayed
  • Do NOT give us tangled jewelry, a bag of crumpled clothes, etc.
  • Please let us know if your items come from a smoking household and/or a home with animals

REMEMBER, this is for your fellow steampunkers to have a positive experience by having something to wear at the convention. Let’s be considerate and thoughtful of others about what you bring for the exchange.

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