Presented by Rory Sunderland

Intro to 3d printing – Tools, tips, and tuning. Everything you need to know.

Intro to 3d printing – Tools, tips, and tuning. This session will cover 3d file slicer applications, fdm and UV resin-based printer basics and comparison, recommended upgrades for both printer types and why, recommended filament types and why, firmware upgrades, support recommendations, and printer tuning.

Rory Sunderland is a maker, mechanical, electrical, and nuclear engineer with decades of experience in Fabrication, design, automation, and electronics. SteamPunk Chewbacca, SteamPunk Joker and many original designs have been the result of creative efforts over the past 10 years. With advances in print technology over the last 5 years, he’s turned his sites to 3d Design and Fabrication utilizing 3d printer technology for cosplay and prop making and has established himself as an expert on 3d printing and tuning.

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