Have you been following the exciting new project to adapt The Steampunk Adventures of Salem Tusk comic book into a movie series? We certainly have and are excited to have Bishop Stevens, who plays the title character of Salem Tusk, join us at the Exposition. 

Bishop Stevens is an actor and a former WCW-WWE pro-wrestler. As a wrestler Bishop trained with the legendary eight time Champion Harley Race before signing with World Championship Wrestling (WCW) which was later purchased by the WWF (now the WWE). Early in his acting career Bishop appeared on some of the hottest network and cable television shows including AMC’s The Walking Dead, FOX’s Empire, NBC’s Chicago PD before landing his first guest starring role on the Verizon go90’s political series Embeds starring Don Tieri and Alexis Zalar. 

In the last few years Stevens has become known as one of the mid-west fastest rising movie actors landing roles in major Hollywood and independent motion pictures working along side stars like: Selma Blair & Nicolas Cage’s-Mom and Dad, Zazie Beetz & Chance the Rapper’s-Slice, Colin Ford’s-Family Blood, Kate Mara & Ellen Page’s-My Days of Mercy. Bishop also landed leading roles in other films by Highpoint pictures co-starring with veteran actor Michael Pare’ called LockDown. The Homesick Media film Thy Neighbor which has been nominated for over 50 awards including a number of best picture. The Syfy alien film co-starring with veteran actor Tim O’Leary called No Good Heroes. In addition to acting, Bishop is a motivational speaker and fitness enthusiast. He’s also becoming very well-known on the SyFi and Horror convention circuit making guest appearances at conventions though out the mid-west.

The Steampunk Adventures of Salem Tusk is set in the late 19th century, a secret alliance between the United States and United Kingdom has created CI-6, which is a covert organization of operatives led by Salem Tusk. Tusk and his unique band of agents battle megalomaniacal mad men, steam powered robots, voodoo kings, Arabian sorcerers, and time traveling dinosaurs. This new Steampunk TV series in development from Marvel comics artist/ series creator Tom Rasch and Salem Tusk star Bishop Stevens. It was recently announced that Montalvo Media and 36O Studios of London, England and Los Angeles, California, have picked up The Steampunk Adventures of Salem Tusk, to be developed as a 90min prologue feature film and a series of made for TV episodes. Montalvo/360 executives have been involved with films and TV shows like: Kill Bill 1 & 2, Hustle & Flow, American Gods, and Now You See Me. Learn more at https://steampunksalemtusk.com/  


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