Megan Mackie, an author who sells good books from UF/cyberpunk, post post zombie apocalypse, YA superhero, mid grade science fiction, returns to the Exposition this April.

Beyond the smashing success of her inaugural, Amazon bestseller, The Finder of the Lucky Devil, Megan Mackie is the author of The Lucky Devil series (urban fantasy/cyberpunk), the Dead World series (Post Post Zombie Apocalypse), The Adventures of Pavlov’s Dog and Schrodinger’s Cat (Mid-grade science fiction) and the Working Mask series (wannabe superhero).

Her other work can be found on the Yonder app, where she has published three web novels, Cookbooks and Demons (paranormal demon romance), Star Courier (speculative Firefly-like fiction), and Novantis (steampunk political intrigue with sky pirates—think Bridgerton meets Black Sails).

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