Cloud Orchid Publishing were at the very first Chicago Steampunk Exposition in 2019, and we are very happy to welcome them back as an exhibitor in April 2024.

Cloud Orchid Publishing specializes in a variety of indie publication genres of books including novels, poetry collections, and art books.

Cloud Orchid Publishing is a small press publishing company created by Alice Liddell aka Lauren A. R. Masterson and Bryan Thompson. Alice writes books that span many genres including fantasy, historical fiction, romance, horror, and poetry. Bryan is a photographer. Together, they have published several novels, poetry collections, and art books. The poetry collections and art books contain a combination of Alice’s poetry, short stories, artwork, and Bryan’s photography.

Featured author Neal F. Litherland will be joining Alice with his books in the genres of scifi, military scifi, suspense, and mystery.

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