Author of the Steampunk misadventure The Silk Empress set on the High Silk Road to China. Also created the funny/scary Arcanum Faire Trilogy & Squirrel Apocalypse.

The Silk Empress

The boy called “Pig”, grew up reading stories of airships and boy adventurers in penny dreadfuls. At twelve he finds himself orphaned and apprenticed to Feng Po McLaren, semi reformed air-pirate, first mate of the airship Wu Zetian along the High Silk Road between China and Europe. Now he is facing air pirates, rebels, five unusual women of dangerous abilities, and a clockwork dragon.

Josef Matulich is a writer, artist, and retired mime. His written works include four horror/comedy novels, several short plays and flash fiction, and one poor screenplay perhaps trapped forever in Development Hell. He has built monsters for movies, slit throats on video, and provided magick amulets on the spot.  His jobs have ranged from ditchdigging and setting explosives to operating a mass spectrometer in an EPA lab, not to mention several dozen children’s parties. Josef lives with his lovely wife Kit in a deer-infested suburb of Columbus Ohio. Together, they also own a semi-haunted vintage and costume shop.

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