Last weekend witnessed the inaugural Chicago Steampunk Exposition, a project that was two years in the making, and was a huge success! Roughly a thousand people visited the Exposition, and for many this was their first ever Steampunk convention, but before the weekend was over they were already making plans for Exposition 2020! 🙂

We can not thank enough all the people who came together to make this event happen: the exhibitors, artists and vendors, the presenters and entertainers, the staff of the Westin O’Hare, and of course the Crew of the Exposition. Many people worked hard in the planning process of the Exposition, but kudos must also go to all our attendees who bring with them the creativity and positive energy that completes the convention.

Currently we are reviewing all our notes from this weekend and assessing the best way to move forward. Sorry to keep you all in suspense for now, but we are hoping to have news to report in the near future. Meanwhile, we invite you to continue the Steampunk fun by traveling to our sister show in Cincinnati, Ohio, the legendary Steampunk Symposium!

Chicago Steampunk Exposition