The storms that raged across the midwest this weekend swept through Chicago causing damage in its path, and unfortunately the Exposition’s host hotel, the Hyatt Regency Schaumburg, was not untouched. Thankfully no one was hurt, but a tree was uprooted and fell in front of the ADA accessible entrance to the Sapphire Pavilion, which was our original main stage. The tree should be cleared up by the end of this week, but it did prompt some changes that led to a few other changes and a rather challenging game of hotel Tetris, which we’re confident that we won 🙂

The main stage needed to come inside, and the Mahogany Ballroom was the most logical choice. This meant that the exhibitor hall needed to move down to the Sienna Ballroom (which actually has a much better load-in ramp for our vendors) for the newly named Underground Market. This, however, meant that the Sienna Lecture Rooms needed to move upstairs, one taking over a Mahogany section, and the other taking over Sage. The next step was that the crafting workshops needed to move to rooms 1322 and 1324, in the same hallway as the gaming rooms. The arena is now in the Sapphire Pavilion, which actually means more room to swing foam weapons and boff each other with boffers.

Despite the shuffle of rooms, the schedule times remain intact and there are no changes of WHEN things are happening, but please be patient with us as we update the pages on this site with the correct locations of WHERE things are happening.

Given the severity of the shuffle, we were pleasantly surprised that it only took an evening to figure out, and actually resulted in some benefits that were not previously in the plan. Huzzah!

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