Mystery Detective Game

Mystery Detective Game

The “Missing Waters” Case

Join an interactive storytelling game and search for Abigail C. Waters. Miss Waters is one of the curators working on the Fine Arts collection of the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition and has recently gone missing. Something sinister may be going on below the surface of the Exposition.

Will you ally yourself with Chicago’s criminal underbelly, its indomitable journalists, or its hidden occult scene to solve the mystery? Will the players be able to locate Abigail? Will they discover who’s pulling the strings behind the Fair’s exhibitions?

Involvement is free for players, but built to encourage engagement (both in person and over social media) in the Chicago Steampunk Exposition and the larger Chicago Steampunk communities. If you are determined to solve the Mystery, then read on, and let the investigation begin!

Now Hiring
Independent Investigators,
Researchers, and Academics!

The Proprietors of De Laurence, Scott & Co.– Chicago’s Finest, Mail-order Spiritual Suppliers – are currently hiring investigators to inquire of their own volition and expense into the disappearance of one of our most valuable resources: The Liber Tenebris

This tome was most recently seen in the presence of one, Miss Abigail C. Waters and is assumed to still be in her possession. Investigators are recommended to the attached list of numbers, the only clue I have to her whereabouts.

Any information on the location of this priceless book or Miss Waters may be sent directly to myself at my Electronic Face Page.

L.W. De Laurence
Of De Laurence, Scott & Co.

De Laurence’s FB page:

Collect clues by saving the images below to your device for easy reference . . .

The First Set of Clues

The Second Set of Clues

The Third Set of Clues

The Fourth Set of Clues

The Fifth Set of Clues

The Sixth Set of Clues

And the mystery continues . . .