Steam & Sorcery ~ Glossary

Arbiter – An NPC referee in the game.

Ancestries – The ethnic and cultural background of a character.

Archetypes – A list of occupations and skill sets that aid the abilities and growth of the character.

Attributes – The core stats for a character: Body, Mind, and Spirit.

Baron – The aloof rulers in the world of Smog & Sorcery who use Fixers to hire Smog Runners to carry out secret missions.

Boarding Session – A scheduled presentation in which Fixers and other NPCs assist new players in creating characters and familiarizing themselves with the game.

Brass – Currency.

Clacker – A computing expert with card driven Difference Engines (basically, Steampunk Hacker).

Cleric – (AKA Celestial Mage) A religious mage who specializes in celestial (holy) magic. (see Mage)

Elementalist – A mage who only uses elemental magic: earth, fire, water, and wind. (see Mage)

Enforcer – Could be a bruiser, a sharpshooter, or both; enforcers are skilled in combat.

Fixer – A significant NPC who can provide players with missions, side quests, assistance (especially restoration of long-term stamina), and a wide variety of other things. Fixers are the bridge between the Barons and the Smog Runners.

Mage – Able to wield magic. There are six types of mages: celestial, earth. fire, shadow, and water, and wind.

NPC (Non-Player Character) – Character played by a cast member of the story who may help, hinder, or both the players’ investigations.

Round – A collection of turns (see Scene and Turn)

Scene – An in-game conflict or challenge that requires coin tosses to resolve. A scene is made up of rounds, and rounds are made up of turns.

Smog Runner – Skilled persons (mostly players in the game) hired by Fixers to run covert (and often illegal) missions.

Stamina – The measurement of long-term health (physical, mental, and spiritual) within the game.

Turn – A single action that a player performs during their turn. When all players have had their turn that concludes a round and players start a new round of turns. (see Scene)

Warlock – (AKA Shadow Mage) A mage who draws upon the darkness and specializes in shadow (dark) magic. (see Mage)

Wounds – The measurement of short-term health (physical, mental, and spiritual) with a scene.

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