Clue ~ Mahogany 2 ~ Who’s that Girl?

The family of George Westinghouse, the industrialist responsible for illuminating the entire 1893 Exposition, has been attacked! His niece, Florence Westinghouse was abducted outside a theater!

Florence’s father, Henry Herman Westinghouse is working with the Chicago Police to search for his daughter, but his brother George has even better connections in this city. With a few discreet phone calls to a Baron associate word has trickled from the lofty towers of the elite down to the smog filled streets below. The Fixer of a certain House received word about a reward for Florence’s safe recovery and has dispatched several of their best Smog Runners to investigate the kidnapping, but word quickly spread to the other Houses and now each of them is hoping to collect Westinghouse’s bounty.

The mystery . . .

  • WHO abducted Florence?
  • WHERE have they taken her?
  • WHY? What do they want from the Westinghouses?

Be the first Smog Runner to solve the mystery, find Florence, and return her safely and the riches can be yours!


Chicago Steampunk Exposition