Volunteer Manager

The Volunteer Manager is a key staff position for the Chicago Steampunk Exposition in recruiting, maintaining, scheduling, and supervising the general well-being of the Exposition Crew of volunteers. 

The Volunteer Manager will work with the Show Director on the following responsibilities:

Responsibilities BEFORE Convention

  • Recruitment of volunteers for the convention.
  • Check regularly on volunteer applications.
  • Maintain communications with new and previous volunteers.
  • Assist with coordination of volunteer meetings (either video conference or in-person). 
  • Run background checks on volunteers (fees covered by convention).
  • Coordinate with other Exposition Officers to allocate volunteers where needed.
  • Build and maintain the volunteer schedule.

Responsibilities DURING Convention

  • Maintain the volunteer schedule.
  • Supervise Crew Lounge.
  • Supervise volunteer sign in and sign out of shifts.
  • Supervise volunteer checks to ensure shifts are being operated. 
  • Respond to volunteer needs and feedback.
  • Organize Crew after party (fees covered by convention) on Sunday evening of convention.

Responsibilities AFTER Convention

  • Maintain communications with current volunteers.
  • Help organize post-convention Tea Party (fees covered by convention) 

Benefits & Rewards

  • Weekend Badge for self (of course)
  • 2 weekend badges to gift to friends.
  • Shared Double Room (with another Exposition Officer) in the host hotel for the duration of convention.


Last Updated – 4/21/24

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