Crew Lounge

Last Updated – 7/20/23

The volunteer guide to the Chicago Steampunk Exposition.

Thank You!

Every crew member of the Chicago Steampunk Exposition is fully appreciated. A convention is only as strong its volunteer force, and it is the entire crew who make a safe and memorable weekend event for the attendees.

Con-Ops Office

Senior Staff will be working out of the Con-Ops Office located on the 2nd floor just off the Atrium Lobby.

The Crew Lounge

Room 1227 is a suite located on the first floor of the hotel guest rooms. It can be reached on foot by taking the stairs down just past Registration and turning left; it is in the corner before the hallway turns right. To access it by elevator, one needs to ride the regular elevators to the 3rd floor, take the path to the West Elevator, and ride down to the 1st floor. Hours will be posted.

This is where volunteers will sign in at the start of their shifts and sign out at the end. The orange sashes will be stored here at checked out for shifts.

Crew are also welcome to relax in the lounge when not on shift; only crew members are allowed in this room.

This is also where we shall be hosting the after party on Sunday.


  • EVERY member of the crew acts as the eyes and ears of the convention.
  • If you see something suspicious or dangerous, DO NOT ENGAGE.
  • CONTACT Con-Ops or Security immediately and we will handle the situation.
  • Together we can maintain a safe space for attendees.

Additional Information

As we draw closer to the show and shift schedules are finalized, more information will be added to this page.

Chicago Steampunk Exposition